Early Care Providers


Every child deserves quality early learning experiences

Your path to becoming a high quality early learning and care provider



As an early learning and care provider, you can have a positive, lifelong impact on a child’s life.
Research shows that children who attend high-quality, early childhood programs are happier, more
confident, more successful, and better prepared for the future.


SDQPI provides resources and support for early learning and care providers through an individualized approach.
Early learning and care environments should provide Elements of Quality like these - and we can help you achieve them:

  • The program and staff involve families to enrich children’s learning experiences.
  • Teachers have individual time with children.
  • Teachers have professional development and growth opportunities.
  • Program evaluations are conducted for making data-driven decisions for ongoing improvement.
  • Developmental monitoring/screening is conducted inclusive of families and includes follow-up referrals.
  • Activities are driven by children’s needs and interests.

“I really liked working with my coach. I learned a lot from her. She was a great resource. Anytime I needed something she would provide me with resources to use. The time I spent with her in coaching was of great benefit to me.” - Program Teacher